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Coming Home Newcastle LIVE v.1.5 Liverpool (H)

Not so very many people listened this week - so here is this week's episode in all its recorded streaming glory.

Newcastle United v. Liverpool was the stand-alone early match this last weekend, and the club stood up and acquitted themselves well - certainly better than last year's corresponding fixture which saw Rob Elliott picking the ball out of his net 6 times from a Liverpool side in considerably worse form than this year's edition. As the early kick-off meant a 4:45 am start for the west coast of the US and Canada we saw a predictable dip in live viewership. In light of this I apologize that I didn't get this up and available yesterday (or Saturday night, even). Hopefully, though, you're subscribed to CHN Live and are getting the post-match shows directly into your iTunes.

At any rate, here is this week's show. Sadly, as these things go, I felt that this week was one of our best (and lightly listened to) efforts yet. An inquisition into whether the immediately-after-match business model is the best busniess model is still ongoing. (Actually, there will be a poll. Please give feedback in the comments and/or the poll. Please)