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CHN Live v.1.6 Makems (A) - The Not-Live Edition

We were on the air reacting to the derby loss on Sunday - here is what it sounded like.

Newcastle United turned in a second consecutive disinterested performance in the Tyne-Wear Derby and got what you would expect as a result.  Instead of owning that the club were not prepared for the Makems, Alan Pardew made his early excuses in the form of "The foul that led to their second was never a foul, anyway", which had we heard of that while we were on the air surely would have given us something more to talk about.  As it was, there was plenty to go around.

In the event that you weren't able to tune in, you'll find the obligatory stream below.  You can also find Coming Home Newcastle LIVE through the iTunes if you want to subscribe to it that way, although it'd be swell if you preferred the live version.  Also - speaking of iTunes - if you do listen to CHN Live (or Coming Home Podcastle), wouldn't you be so kind as to hop over to the iTunes and give us a rating or a nice comment or both?