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Toon Crier: Match Day Links

Newcastle hope to shake off their bad form as they head to Wales today.

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Cardiff now wears red, but will the Ton Army be blue again on Saturday?
Cardiff now wears red, but will the Ton Army be blue again on Saturday?
Julian Finney

It has been two successive 3-2 defeats for Newcastle, and as we discussed in this week's podcast, the two matches were very different despite having the same score. Can Newcastle right the ship or are we in for another away days disaster? Here's some links to get you warmed up.

Based on this infographic from the Independent, Newcastle may want to watch their right side today. 42% of Cardiff City's attacks come down that side.

The Telegraph predict's that Newcastle will feature a 4-4-2 today. We asked on the podcast if it was inevitable that we'd return to the formation. Looks like both teams will be at full strength today.

David Marshall, Cardiff's goalkeeper describes Newcastle as,"a wounded animal".

The Mag has taken notice of something we did: Mike Williamson is Mr. Cleansheet for Newcastle.

Also from the Mag: Alan Pardew says he has to have faith in Hatem Ben Arfa. Ben Arfa's a world class player, but sometimes doesn't do his diligence defensively.

Lee Ryder says Newcastle could learn from Everton. He also uses the phrase "streets ahead" which I thought was just from Community. More substantially, Ryder points out that Everton was active in the transfer window, landing Lukaku on loan, and perhaps Newcastle should use transfer windows to improve the squad?

Dan Gosling is going out on loan to Championship side Blackpool until January. Gosling has made only two appearances this year, both in the CapitalOne Cup.