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Player Ratings vs Cardiff City

Tell us what you think about how each player did for Newcastle today.

Ahoy there, Player Ratings
Ahoy there, Player Ratings
Richard Heathcote

Newcastle United had one of the best halves of the season when they went into the sheds with a 2-0 lead. Luic Remy scored twice in the first half and stout defense didn't allow Cardiff City a shot on target in the open 45 minutes. Moussa Sissoko looked much livelier in the attack. Cisse and Cabaye both had shots that were tantalizingly close to scoring.

As we've seen though, there was a bit of a let-up in the second half. Peter Odemwingie scored in the 58th minute to give Cardiff City a foothold into the match. The second half was much more open, which made for many nervy moments for the Magpies. Tim Krul was much busier in the second half and was called upon to make several big stops. In the end, it was just enough, as Newcastle earned all three points with a 2-1 win.

So, how did each individual player do? Fill out the survey below. We'll have a summary piece up early in the week.

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