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PODCAST: Coming Home Podcastle Episode 23

Knocking off the rust following the international break, we return with our 23rd installment of your favorite podcast produced by this site.

Shola Ameobi - international level goal scorer
Shola Ameobi - international level goal scorer
Claudio Villa

Coming back from the international break (again), we've got a trio once again instead of one of the various duets that have marked the last several podcasts. We round up some of the international Magpie performances, talk a bit about too-early transfer rumors, the Tim Krul to MLS rumors (as well of his prospects of replacing Lev Yashin at Dynamo Moscow) and have a very compelling Pop Tart Talk. I'm not sure, but I think Fake Joe Kinnear makes an appearance.

If you wouldn't mind too terribly, we'd love to get your thoughts - leave them through the soundcloud widget below - in our comments section below or if it's not too much trouble we'd love to get at least a rating or two on the iTunes — I hear that stuff is good for a podcast to have.

We did have some slight audio problems and I did my best to try to get them minimized (if not eliminated), so hopefully it's a decent listening experience for you.  Enjoy Episode 23!*

*the opinions of individual memebers of the podcast team are theirs alone and not necessarily the opinions of Coming Home Podcastle as a collective. Additionally, Joe Kinnear is an awesome fella (probably).