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Coloccini sets sights on Argentina

Here we go again. Newcastle's captain and Argentine International is saying he wants to head home during the transfer window.

Don't cry for me, Curly Hair!
Don't cry for me, Curly Hair!
Michael Regan

You almost have to double check the dates on the by-lines as once again Fabricio Coloccini is saying he'd like to return home on a transfer. Last season, the Argentine defender openly said he wanted to go back to San Lorenzo. This year, he says the interest is still there. From The Star

"I have to speak the truth, though, and I would like to return as soon as possible."

Last season, Coloccini allowed Newcastle to have the final say in the deal, and the club held on to their captain. While Coloccini says that you have to be "patient" in football, it remains to be seen if he might be a bit more forceful in getting a move done that lands him on the club he supported growing up.

Coloccini missed much of the second half of the season last year with a broken back, but his return to the line-up saw Newcastle's defensive form improve dramatically. Coloccini has missed the past few games, but Newcastle is riding back-to-back shutouts.

That said, the defensive record may be a bit lucky, as Newcastle seem to have caught Chelsea on an off day and Tottenham couldn't get anything past Tim Krul on a legendary day. Coloccini would certainly be a welcome sight on the backline.

His captaincy might not be something that holds him to the club. Pardew seems to have found his man in Cheik Tiote. Tiote has played incredibly well since getting the armband, and he's led the club out to their wins over Chelsea and Tottenham as well as their 2-2 draw with Liverpool. Tiote has also kept his disciplinary record fairly clean since becoming captain.

The January window is fast approaching, and Newcastle may very well be deciding whether or not spend some cash to get into the top six. Last year it was ultimately money that kept Coloccini Tyneside, as San Lorenzo couldn't match Newcastle's asking price. But after a year and a significant injury, that price may be lower and Coloccini's other values to the club may be diminished.