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Predictor's League vs Tottenham

Who wins, who scores, you tell us!

Debuchy applauds your efforts in the Predictor's League
Debuchy applauds your efforts in the Predictor's League
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Last week was a fairly low scoring affair for the Predictor's League. No one tipped Newcastle to score more than one goal, let alone pick up a 2-0 win. The highest score was 2 points, shared by those that said Remy would get a goal. On top of that, Newcastle didn't even shoot all that much from outside the box (six times), so the prop bet wasn't a source of scoring for to many.

What's in store this week? Do you even dare try and say what Newcastle will do? It's a game against a solid team, so maybe the Magpies will bring their A game. That said, the game is in London, and Newcastle don't fare well on their travels. Feeling brave? Enter your prediction below. Just follow....

The Rules

  • Before each game, predict the winner (or you can predict a draw), the final score, and goalscorers. The deadline will be 5 minutes before kick-off.
  • Predicting the outcome correctly will give you 1 point.
  • Predicting the exact score will give you 5 points. Failing to predict the exact score but getting the total number of goals correct will give you 1 point, as will predicting one half of the score. If you predict a total of 6 goals or more, you are ineligible to receive points for predicting the correct goalscorers (see below). However, if 6 goals or more are actually scored, the ineligibility will be lifted. This new rule is designed to prevent people from predicting an abnormally high score in order to better their chances of earning the bonus for predicting the scorers.
  • For each goal scorer you pick correctly, you earn 2 points. You may not pick more scorers than you did goals in order to hedge your bets. (In other words, if you predict a 1-0 score, you can only choose one scorer.)
  • Standings will be posted each week.
And here are those standings. As I said, little change from last week. Though, we do have a new player. Better luck this time, fake nolan ryan!

Name Points
Jim McMeachin 42
Oeolycus 33
51dimes 28
CallumKane 27
Clownbaby05 25
Ryan Carp 24
GodZeller 21
Robert L. Bishop 21
_trey_ 16
Pradajames 15
nerby13 14
wuds100 11
lowellthehammer 9
bcschles 9
Infinity Is An Axiom 5
Souvik Roy Chowdhury 0
fake nolan ryan 0