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PODCAST: Looking Back at Southampton, Ahead at Palace and More

Episode 25 of Coming Home Podcastle is here for you.

Tony Marshall

There have been better weeks and worse weeks, but we discuss it all in this episode.  Thanks to a mailbag question we have a good discussion about which we would rather have for our club: an existence of consistent 10th place mediocrity or an existence of 5th-16th-5th-16th ad infinitum.  We (well, most of us) give a little h/t to Tullamore Dew for tthis commercial. We look ahead to Alan Pardew's return to Crystal Palace, discuss who would win in a fight (Mile Jedinak or Cheik Tiote) and spend a good amount of time defending our holding midfielder against the disdain of our good friend Callum.  Honest, Callum, we don't hate you.  Also making an appearance in this week's podcast is an unintentional (or was it?) mention of friend of SBNation Grant Wahl, to whom I offer this little letter:


If the rumors are true and you have indeed found this, please let me say that I hope you listened to and enjoyed the podcast.  Additionally, I hope that we can shake hands and be friends in the knowledge that not all of us here at SBN are whatever it is that you hate so much to put us in one disdainful basket and write us all off.  At least I don't think so.  So, peace my friend.  To all involved: Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.