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When Danny Simpson Met Debo: Toon Star Knocked Out

It has been said that nothing good happens after 11 pm... an axiom proven out recently for Danny Simpson.

Chris Brunskill

Rehabbing a broken bone can be a rather vigorous process. Suggested treatment modalities include:

  • sleeping with reality TV show personalities
  • late night drinking binges
  • punching a man in the face while in line for take away after drinking
  • getting dragged out of a cab and getting knocked the @#$% out

Danny Simpson is likely on his way out when the summer arrives anyway, but it's not likely that Newcastle United brass are going to be very pleased with the latest performance of their now out of favor right fullback. Perhaps they won't be too bothered, however, as Nile Ranger has repeatedly found himself in similar and worse trouble and still finds himself with a spot on the roster.

The brawl kicked off early yesterday after Simpson, 26, got into a scuffle with a fellow customer queueing for food at a takeaway.

Witnesses said the Newcastle United defender hit the man, in his late 40s or 50s, knocking him to the ground. Simpson then left and climbed into a taxi but was dragged out by a different man and punched.

He lay bleeding and unconscious on the street for about 15 minutes until an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital.