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Toon Crier: Match fixing edition

Match fixing scandal rocks Europe, Newcastle still beaming over new additions, and see Sissoko's goal from the terraces.

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Cisse: He points when he wants to.
Cisse: He points when he wants to.
Paul Thomas

The big news to hit the world of soccer yesterday was that of a massive match fixing scandal. According to European police, some 680 matches seem suspicious. 380 of those games were played in Europe. It appears that at the club level, only Champions League matches are thought to be suspicious, so as of now, no Newcastle match would come under the scope of the case. However, it is a massive scandal, and one we'll follow through at least in the Toon Crier.

Liverpool says they have not been contacted about match fixing.

The BBC takes aim at gambling and discusses how it is ruining the sport.

A goalkeeper that may have taken part in a suspicious match will be playing in a World Cup qualifier against England.

FIFA is calling for harsher punishments for those involved in match fixing, including longer prison terms.

Former footballer Peter Swan, who was banned for a 1960s betting scandal, says that match fixing is still a major problem within top flight leagues.

In Newcastle news, Tim Krul talks about the recent signings for NUFC and their impact on the club.

Steven Taylor says the new signings will "spark a revival" Tyneside.

Do you want to see Sissoko's equalizing goal as it was seen for the terraces? Of course you do. Hat tip to The Mag,

The Mag also compares Newcastle's transfer season to Sunderland's. This may surprise you, but they have the Magpies coming out on top in this debate. Read their arguments here.

Alan Pardew says that agents are are acting unprofessionally and something should be done about it,

Cartilage Free Captain says Tottenham may be dealing with a striker crisis. Injuries are leading to questions on the attack,

Josie Becker at LAG Confidential asks if MLS is doing enough to keep and sell talent.

Stars and Stripes FC looks at the USMNT line-up against Honduras.