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Newcastle Discussion: Europa Starting XI?

Three Question Thursday makes its triumphant return. Come discuss Europa lineups, Jonas Gutierrez, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Gareth Copley

Time for an old standby: Three Question Thursday! This week we will tempt the relegation gods, argue about Jonas, and start thinking about Spurs. Join in!

1 - Yesterday we took a look at Newcastle's place in the relegation race, and 56% of you concluded that NUFC were "probably safe." Since we're feeling a bit better about things, how should the team approach the Europa League? It's got to be hard to walk the line between exhausting first team players and not giving yourself a chance in the second leg. So, assuming we want to win and yet still keep legs fresh for league play, what does your Starting XI look like?

2 - Have your feelings about Jonas Gutierrez changed following Saturday's performance? How will you react if/when he's in the starting lineup this week?

3 - Tottenham Hotspur are on a 9-game unbeaten streak. What are your expectations for this week's tie at White Hart Lane?




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