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Newcastle United Release Results of Haïdara Scans

Following Callum McManaman's "clean as a whistle" tackle on Newcastle's left back, along with angry discourse came the fear that the player may face a long period on the sidelines.

Good news for Haïdara, bad news for the next lad this happens to.
Good news for Haïdara, bad news for the next lad this happens to.
Stu Forster

In the moments and days following the match away to Wigan, it seemed pretty much consensus that everyone not named Wigan Athletic or The FA roundly disapproved of the McManaman tackle and the way it was (not) dealt with by ref Mark Halsey or the The FA.

Today, Newcastle have released a statement on the results of two separate scans on Massadio Haïdara's leg, and the news is good.

We can confirm that results of the latest scan on Massadio Haidara show that the player has very fortunately escaped any significant bone or ligament damage following the dangerous tackle by Wigan Athletic's Callum McManaman on Sunday.

We are very pleased that the extent of his injury is less severe than first feared and is limited to bruising to the bone and soft tissue damage.

Depending on the speed of his recovery he should be fit to play again in early April.

While the news that the injury sustained by Haïdara is tremendous news, it will certainly be used by The FA to completely sweep the need for reform in the retroactive punishment laws under the rug, and there will be no call for accountability from anyone save for NUFC as the season marches to its conclusion.

Massadio will continue to be assessed over the coming days. He has been very lucky that he has not suffered more serious injury and this positive diagnosis in no way lessens the Club's views with regard to the severity of the tackle from which it resulted.

Good news indeed for the club and Massadio - bad news for the next player who may end up with a damaged knee or broken bones from an assailant who will face no punishment for a terrible tackle.