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Relegation Watching Open Thread

If you love bottom of the table clashes, than the Premiership has got you covered today.

Send that tie flyin', Harry.
Send that tie flyin', Harry.
Clive Rose

There are four matches on the schedule today. Three of them feature bottom half of the table clashes. All three relegation spot holders are in action this Saturday, and as Newcastle is a club that is perched above, but not to high above, the fray, today could make for some interesting watching. It is in that spirit that I am putting up an open thread for the Premiership games today.

20th place Queens Park Rangers play host to Sunderland. QPR sit on 20 points, and a win would keep them in the drop zone, but it would make things very interesting. Plus, no one here would shed any tears should the Black Cats falter. Newcastle rooting interest: QPR win.

18th place Aston Villa are away at 19th place Reading. Villa are ahead by one point in the standings, 24-23. There isn't a lot of love for Villa from Newcastle fans, but I think we want things to stay the same as much as possible. So, I'll say the Newcastle rooting interest is for a draw. Preferably scoreless, but we'll take what we can get.

(USMNT note: With Tim Howard out with a broken back, Villa keeper Brad Guzan looks to fill his shoes for upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. You might want to check him out today. )

Chris Hughton's Canaries play host to Southampton today. Norwich City sit in 13th place, two points above Newcastle. Southampton are in 16th, 3 points below Newcastle. I think a draw would be an ideal result for the Magpies, as it keeps another team between us and the drop zone and keeps Norwich within striking distance. However, I won't say anything if you end up pulling for Hughton's lads today. I've still got a soft spot for him.

The other match today features West Brom and Swansea, with both of those clubs on the top half of the table. I can't say that I have much of a rooting interest in that one.

Which match will you be focusing on today or are we all sleeping in and resting up for Newcastle-Stoke City tomorrow?