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It's Here! Coming Home Newcastle's First Annual (ish) Podcast Is Now Available

We've been threatening it for a long time and now have finally got it all together and ready for your listening pleasure.

What are your thoughts on the CHN Podcast, Papiss?
What are your thoughts on the CHN Podcast, Papiss?
Chris Brunskill

Before the season started your fearless contributors and managing editor lined out some hopes and desires for what we wanted to accomplish as a site this Premier League season. Amongst the items very high up the list was producing a podcast. In a very technical sense, this post is the realization of that goal. Finally. Much like Cabaye to Cissé in the 94th minute, Robert and I have combined to sneak our initial podcast effort in just before the final whistle of the 2012-13 season. You will find the link below. Before we get there, however, we must deal with one little bit of housekeeping: We need to come up with a name for this podcast. My early favorite was Pipe Down Silly Bollox which Robert and I both find amusing if perhaps a little odd being spoken by an American. As the Empress implored Bastian in The Neverending Story: "Please readers/listeners! Call our podcast's name!"

What you will hear in the official Coming Home Newcastle Podcast (Episode 1):

  • My lack of knowledge of what would and wouldn't be picked up by my microphone
  • My cat hacking up a hairball (which you can COMPLETELY hear. Tremendous)
  • Robert and I recapping the Fulham match, talking Tim Krul, Sylvain Marveaux, relegation, Benfica and the wee derby that will take place this Sunday.
  • Me wrongly say that Shola scored at the Bernabeu when he famously scored at the Camp Nou. Just ignore that part.

Feel free to comment below on the show, the name for the podcast or anything we discussed (but be kind!)! I'm having trouble embedding the player, so


Listen to internet radio with Pipe Down Silly Bollox on Blog Talk Radio