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Episode 2 of CHN's Podcast Which... Crashes And Burns At 38 Minutes

You can't say we're exhibiting the same lack of effort that we saw from the squad on Sunday. This, then, becomes Part 1 of 2.

Stu Forster

So we were recording along and things were going pretty swell save for the fact I still can't remember to turn my phone off before we start. There were no hairballs, no echoes, and audio volume was leveled out a bit between Robert and I. Then it all went pear-shaped. On my end, it sounded like Robert was breaking up... in the actual universe, despite being tethered directly into my computer, the issue was completely on my end. It progressed to the point that it froze the BlogTalkRadio interface and I couldn't modify anything or get re-connected to continue and could not schedule another recording time today to finish up, so what you have below is Part I of II (stop listening at 38 minutes - the last 8 were air time where we were trying to get things back up and running.)

Topics we got to:

Brief thanks and comments on Episode 1

A week that became a very awful week for Newcastle United

Tactics and Yohan Cabaye

Alan Pardew: Should he stay or should he go (we were in the middle of this when it all crashed)

We are going to go back at it tomorrow to finish up... we'll start up with Robert's question (which has admittedly lost its element of surprise, but still is worth seeing where it goes) about automatic team selections, move on to potential ins and outs over the summer and hit on a couple of new candidates for the name of the podcast. We'll get back at it tomorrow to get Part 2 out so you've got around a full hour (or more) when it's all said and done.

Link is here is here is here!