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Episode 2 Part 2 of the Podcast!

Apparently we like talking about the Toon (and breaking down relegation).

After a rough start, we came up with 40+ more minutes to add to the 38 from yesterday makes nearly almost an hour and a half of talk this week... and we still didn't get to everything we wanted to. We pick up where we left off yesterday with Robert's question to me and we take off from there. We talk through my thoughts on the #PardewOut movement, establish my unrequited love of Sylvain Marveaux, wonder what the future holds for Jonas Gutierrez. In a poorly calculated move, I also ask the question: When does Shola stop riding his reputation established in his very early career? What ended up tabled until next week: early thoughts on the summer window - who will come and who will go?

Additionally, I meant to rehash the name of the podcast discussion but didn't get it accomplished. There will be a poll below, but there are a couple of new candidates for discussion. Specifically, Podcastle United, Podcast upon Tyne and ToonCast have been added to the fray. I do like Podcast upon Tyne (or perhaps Pod on the Tyne as a derivative) although I wonder if that implies too much of a tie to the city of Newcaste. Anyway, have your say below. If you're in the Coming Home Podcastle support group, let us know: should the "t" be silent or pronounced? (Podcassel v. Pod - cast - el)

Anyway - here is part two. Here here here.