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Coming Home Podcastle: Episode 4!

Bigger and better in every way! Episode 4 represents our first podcast offered to you completely intact and completely present. 1 nice 1 hr and 40 minute piece for you to digest.

100% 5 stars!
100% 5 stars!
Paul Thomas

We've seen network issues, hosting issues, technical issues and well, just plain issues. In spite of all that we have returned to even greater heights in Coming Home Podcastle Episode 4. I've managed to capture the entire discussion between Robert and I (no "Lost Hour" this week!) and managed to assemble it into one big long chunk of Podcast goodness. Also absent: my cat barfing, my phone ringing and other fun noises that have made appearances thus far. Present this time? My dog barking... so there's that. Victories where you can get them and all. Here's the setlist for Episode 4:

  • Our early podcast plugs (follow me on Twitter!)
  • Liverpool happened. Who had more fun - you all or me?
  • Dressing room discord - fact, fiction or somewhere in between?
  • West Ham United match discussion / relegation discussion
  • Breaking down how close we are to surviving
  • Transfer talk (we talked about it last week - promise - but this time it makes it to air!)
  • Who's leaving, who's coming and the missing links that have made us awful revealed!
  • Is there hope for this season, or are we going down?
  • I actually closed the podcast instead of just disconnecting!

And so without further Pardew ado, Episode 4!