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Coming Home Podcastle Episode 6

It took a long long time to upload, and it saw the return of technical issues to the recording process... but it is here for your enjoyment!

Shaun Botterill

Newcastle United managed to ensure safety with their 2-1 victory at Loftus Road over the weekend, and it was evident in our podcast this week. Gone are the lengthy discussions and analysis of relegation scenarios, and in their place came discussions of sweet tea and #ColosParty, for example. Recorded on location at the Microtel Inn and Suites in Athens, GA, it has taken an inordinate amount of time to upload, but upload it has done and it is now here for your enjoyment.

You will also hear:

  • Praise for Hatem Ben Arfa's penalty
  • How Danny Simpson playing in this match may have negatively affected the outcome for Newcastle
  • A heartfelt thanks to Steve Harper for his 20 years at Tyneside
  • Indictment of Alan Pardew's continued baffling substitution patterns
  • us wonder exactly what was going through Rob Elliot's head on THAT play
  • Exactly why I was taking a poll to see if any of our contributors can do a Cockney accent
  • My feelings on Sweet Tea
  • ...and more!