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Introducing The Newcastle United Wage Database Project

In which we fight for transparency, or something.

You guys are coming to my party, right?
You guys are coming to my party, right?
Shaun Botterill

As we mentioned on the podcast yesterday, we at CHN are interested in building a database that keeps track of all the Newcastle United player contracts. The financial side of player movement and squad management is at least half the story, and because of lack of information we're often left telling only part of the tale. Most of us walk around carrying the whole of human knowledge in our pockets, but for some reason there's not a centralized place to find Premier League salary data.

So, we're putting together a database, and we need your help. We want this to be both complete and completely sourced, so we are starting from scratch. I've set up a Google Spreadsheet that I will be working on bit by bit, and if you are privy to information that hasn't already been found, feel free to add it in. Once we've got a complete database, we should be better able to have informed conversations about squad composition, as well as possible transfer targets.