CHN Book Club: Selecting a Book

Scarves up for book club. - Gareth Copley

I tried this last off-season with not so great results. But, I figure we can always try it again! It's the CHN Book Club. We'll select a soccer book and talk about it. The first part? Selecting the book. For your consideration...

1. Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics. Considered to be the "gold standard" for books on soccer tactics, it's one I definitely want to read. That said, it looks like an updated version is coming out in the fall. Something to keep in mind.

2. Newcastle United: Fifty Years of Hurt. Looks to be a great history of the club with some humor as well.

3. Soccernomics. I think this is the book I chose last summer, but would read it again. It's a fascinating look at how soccer has evolved and where it's headed.

4. How Soccer Explains the World. Another fantastic read that views world issues through a soccer lens.

5. Amongst the Thugs: this book takes an insider's look at hooliganism in English soccer in the 80's.

If you want to take part, vote in the poll below with your selection for a book. Or, add another that you'd like. We'll settle on one to begin the summer and head from there.

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