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Luke Edwards: I Did It For The Good Of The Club

In a very brief interview with the Press Gazette, Luke Edwards has shed light on why he wrote the piece that earned his entire newspaper a ban from Newcastle United.

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Matthew Lewis

I'm trying to avoid the painful realities of my impending move away from the beautiful Pacific northwest and the financial sledgehammer such a move entails. As I was doing this I took a trip down the "discover" tab in my Twitter and ran across this little easily missed article.

We talked in Episode 4 of Coming Home Podcastle about the story of dressing room rifts and lack of French commitment to the cause so I won't delve into it very much, but I have a sourced report as to exactly why Luke Edwards wrote the piece. He did it for the benefit of the club.

This is a story I wrestled with writing...Because, I thought, what is it going to do?

This is the same question that we had. What is it going to do. Why write it? Why did the club react to it? We'll never have all of the answers, particularly with regard to the club's reaction. But this quote tells you why Luke Edwards chose to take his unsourced (wait. He had shorthand notes and text messages... you just cannot see them.) story to press:

But my whole rationale for writing it was that this was a boil that needed to be lanced. That there were problems behind the scenes, that there was a resentment growing.

-from the Press Gazette

So there you have it. Luke Edwards, who is being suggested for martyrdom by his Telegraph colleagues specifically as well as some non-Telegrtaph journalists, has only published the story for the club's own good. I can recall a box to the ear or two that was "for my own good" as well... funny thing is that these kind of things rarely bring anything good with them. But kudos to you, Luke Edwards, you may have just saved Newcastle United.