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Coming Home Podcastle Episode 5 (We've Come Out Fighting) Is Here!

It's Wednesday and that means that the widely anticipated landmark 5th episode of Coming Home Podcastle has been recorded and is ready for your ears.

Captain Colo is back, neck beard and all.
Captain Colo is back, neck beard and all.
Ian Walton

It was all set up for a nice, non-depressing episode of the podcast. Swansea did their part, and if we had managed to take care of business against a West Ham team that put in a relatively poor performance last weekend, it would have been. The team didn't, and the podcast isn't.

Here's the quick bullet point rundown of Episode 5:

  • Strictly because of my affinity for the man's work, we take a minute to remember Ray Harryhausen who passed away aged 92. If you don't know this name off the top of your head, you're missing something in life.
  • The match against <insert club here> was disappointing. Pardew insisted it was a great result. Etc. Also, we speak briefly about goal line technology. Alan and Callum are finishing up a Magpie v. Magpie regarding this that should be hitting the site soon- watch for it!
  • We briefly discuss the Relegation Permutations - Robert ran them down here, and also has provided Aston Villa's take and Fulham's take. It's worth reading those as we mostly gloss over it as we're tired of talking about relegation.
  • QPR will happen. We talk about it.
  • You get the answer to @de_facto_phil 's question "Who lasts longer at Newcastle United? Alan Pardew or Fabricio Coloccini?"
  • Let Sammy smile, for pete's sake.
  • A former Toon player has hit the transfer market...