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Coming Home Podcastle Episode 10 Is Finally Here!

There was plenty to talk about this week in the podcast, and some of it was so great, we did it twice.

Keep your eye on the prize. #JozyForNUFC
Keep your eye on the prize. #JozyForNUFC
Michael Regan

So there has been plenty to talk about with regard to rumors of comings, goings and stayings relating to the Toon - we sat down and talked it all through this week. Then half of it hadn't recorded, so we sat down and did part of it again. Ultimately, the format gave a somewhat long end result- nearly 2 hours worth. At any rate, you will hear about much of the following:

  • Jozy Altidore - to wit, my standing open invitation to meet him anywhere in the country and buy him a cup of coffee or a beer. I mean this.
  • Darren Bent
  • Yohan Cabaye - complete with 24 more hours of knowledge and innuendo. The original discussion of Yohan happened pre-Monaco rumor while the re-recorded section happened post-Monaco rumor. Not as awkward as it might sound.
  • Coloccini
  • Taylor
  • Douglas
  • Tiote
  • LISTENER MAIL BAG!! We took on all questions submitted this week - keep up the good work, listeners!

Anyway, faced with the podcast ahead of you, the last thing you need is me taking up more of your time ... CONSUME!