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Newcastle sign Joe Kinnear

In what could well be the most unpopular piece of business in the last ten years, Joe Kinnear makes an underwhelming return as Director of Football.

Joe Kinnear returns to Tyneside
Joe Kinnear returns to Tyneside

Newcastle have made their first signing of the season, and it won't be popular. At all. Joe Kinnear has returned to Tyneside on a three-year-deal and will oversee 'playing style and transfers'. JFK as he is infamously known will more than likely be announced officially this week, but he has confirmed the news himself on Sky Sports News.

As expected the news has went down as well as a lead balloon on Tyneside, with people claiming that they will give up Season tickets and boycott the club. This could all be talk, but it could also be the straw that broke the Camels back.

He also said he expects to 'shift four or five'. He will have the final say regarding transfers in and out of the club and in his words, 'he will work closely' with Pardew and Carr. It has been suggested he is manager in all but name.

Fairly unexciting transfers news to start the window off. Just a few hours after this announcement, Newcastle apparently have signed 17 year old Metz striker, Oliver Keman.

Keep your browser on Coming Home Newcastle for further reaction to the Kinnear appointment.