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Toon Crier: What they're saying about Joe Kinnear

Joe Kinnear's appointment is official. So let's go down the rabbit hole of opinions.

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Most Newcastle fans' reaction to Kinnear have involved heading to the pub.
Most Newcastle fans' reaction to Kinnear have involved heading to the pub.
Matthew Lewis

It's now official. Any hope you may have had of Mike Ashley coming out and saying, "haha you guys, I'm not THAT dumb," have been dashed. Joe Knnear is the director of football for Newcastle United. Onto the links along with a friendly reminder that it is indeed 5:00 somewhere.

Speaking of it being 5:00 somewhere, Kinnear gave a fairly bizarre interview on TalkSport. He comes of as very full of himself, lashes out at Geordie fans and media and mispronounces player names. My favorites for "Ben Aftley", "Shola Amamobi", and "Yohan Cabob". Check it out:

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The BBC has a rundown of the bizarre interview. The BBC has a bit of fun, using Kinnear's "I have more intelligence" than some critics line in the headline.

The Mirror has a fairly straight forward account of the signing. There is this fun tidbit as Kinnear talks about his role in the club and relationship with Alan Pardew:

"The tactics are down to him; if he wants my ideas, he can ask for them.

"I have already had two days with Graham [Carr] and I intend to see him on Thursday morning.

"Between the three of us, we will sit down and iron it out. If those two decide a player is not any good, I'll listen - it's not a case of 'like it or lump it'."

The Mirror would also like to remind you that Kinnear uses....colorful language, and reposts his epic rant. NSFW, obviously.

The Chronicle's front page is something glorious today as they print fan reactions to the signing.

Kinnear says he's "delighted to be working with a football guy" in Alan Pardew, though the two have not met yet.

The Mail takes a look at what Kinnear could bring to the club. They seem unconvinced.

Having been out of the game for over four years, is Kinnear's ability to pick a player better than that of manager Alan Pardew and his chief scout Graham Carr? Carr was awarded an eight-year contract for his scouting nous, and despite Newcastle's failings last season few could question that most of their signings - such as Moussa Sissoko and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa - were astute ones.

What can Kinnear bring to Newcastle's playing style then? Well, again it's hard to see how he is more qualified than the man charged with that responsibility last season.

True, Pardew did not have the best of seasons, especially in comparison to his LMA Manager of the Year-winning 2011-12 campaign, but does that make him a less capable tactician than a man whose last real success as manager came 15 years ago?

The season feels long and the fixture list hasn't even come out yet. That happens tomorrow.