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Coming Home Podcastle Episode 11: Joe Kinnear Edition

It's raining in Texas today, so that means we podcast! This week's edition follows quickly on the heels of episode 10... is there anything to talk about?

Victor Fraile

WELLP. Joe Kinnear.

We were set to resume Wednesday recording this week for Episode 11, but the weather did not cooperate - rain in Texas means that Robert needs to celebrate his preferred method of redneckery tomorrow instead of today. It seemed as good a time as any, though as Joe Kinnear had his TalkSport interview yesterday and all news surrounding the club not involving Joe Kinnear has been shut down (and looks like it will be for a while).

Today, we celebrate some firsts in addition to the normal chat:

  • I finally got around to getting an intro put together - it features today!
  • We brought Callum Kane in as our first guest
  • We talked Joe Kinnear
  • We talked #JozyForBlackpoolPierWithCallum
  • We discuss Jonas Gutierrez
  • Andy Carroll is a Hammer. How does that make you feel?
  • If not Carroll or Jozy, who?
  • A compelling discussion was had about world time

I think as a group we largely felt like the majority of Newcastle supporters - LOLWUT?! It's a head scratcher for sure, but we did our best.