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Coming Home Podcastle Makes Its Triumphant Return - Episode 9 Is Here!

Jim and Robert get back into the swing of things following the loss of Episode 8 to dubious business practices ... or something. At any rate, we talk through some of the recent news surrounding Newcastle United, talk about transfer window stuff and meander around to other random topics.


Thank you all for your patience - I have had to move apartments following the expiration of my lease... well, "had" might not be the right word. I could have stayed for the thirteenth month (that we told the apartment complex we needed up front) at twice the regular base rent on a month-to-month basis... but anyway. That's not important right now.

What is important is that you, our loyal listeners, have a new episode of the podcast to consume.. It is a shorter version (about 52 minutes) as Robert and I both had a very limited window in which to record today, but it is here nonetheless. We're considering a potential addendum between here and next week, but we'll see what happens. So this week we talk:

  • Former manager comments
  • Just a wee bit of Craig Bellamy
  • How the Andy Carroll Situation reminds me of a different negotiation situation in recent Toon history
  • Several other free-floating topics (related and un-)