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Cisse to train with Newcastle United, Wonga dispute resolved per report

Chris Brunskill

One of the Toon's offseason nightmares appears to be resolved as Papiss Cisse is expected to report for training on Friday, resolving his dispute over Newcastle United sporting Wonga on their kits this season according to a report by The Chronicle.

Cisse skipped the team's trip to Portugal and trained by himself because he refused to wear Wonga, a pay day lender, based on his Muslim beliefs and the fact that their massive interest charges violated Sharia Law.

It's all come to head however, as it's understood that Cisse will wear the Wonga on his kit and return as the Toon's No. 9.

Now that that situation looks to be resolved, Newcastle can get back to trying to land Gomis and/or Loic Remy, both of which are rumored to be close to being signed by the Toon.

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