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Coming Home Podcastle Episode 12 Has Landed

Coming Home Podcastle makes its triumphant return! In our 12th installment.

Are there enough things to talk about to fill an entire podcast when there's not much actual news surrounding the club? Sure there is. In Episode 12, we discuss Jim's cross-country move, things (other than tugging on Superman's cape) that you don't do, Bafetembi Gomis, Newcastle youngsters heading on loan and what to do if you haven't played FIFA13 for a while and bought Jozy Altidore for Newcastle United. Follow along as my personal outrage that a player be paid £260k/wk yields to the realization that it's actually £260k/month which translates to a much more affordable wage for Newcastle to talk Bafétimbi Gomis down from. We contemplate ranking the three striking options left in the rumor mill for Newcastle in real life and in a vacuum (it'll make sense when you listen to it), wonder at the future of Bradden Inman and play a little game of Young Player: Choose Their Role. Also, I didn't chop out the section where I talked way too long about my moving experience, so feel free to rotate the fast forward wheel in those first few minutes.