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Bafétimbi Gomis and Loïc Rémy Talks Stall: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Self-proclaimed "Best Director of Football In Football" seems to be following the same old script.

Yup.  I feel it too, Sylvain.
Yup. I feel it too, Sylvain.
Stu Forster

Stop me if you've heard this one: Newcastle United identify a transfer tareget. The player is 1) French, 2) Not especially hotly pursued by other potential suitors and 3) Entering the last year of his contract with his current club. Conditions are ripe for a cut rate deal for a quality player as the current club is afraid of the player leaving on a free in a year's time.

If this sounds familiar, it should. It is the brand new transfer tactic of Joe Kinnear, the Best Director of Football in Football (BDOFIF or Bedo Fif, as I shall call him.) Or it was the transfer tactic of former member of the Toon band Cerberus Derek Llambias. The same transfer tactic that has seen us miss out on targets as often as it's seen quality players through the door at relatively miniscule prices. Don't fear, though. Bedo Fif has Mike Ashley's ear, and if Bedo says we need striking options, then Mike will know we really do and money will not be an object (which is why Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is now wearing the famous stripes of Newcastle United Borussia Dortmund... ok, so they're not always in stripes. but they were last year.) But still. Bedo says we need a striker, and Bafétimbi Gomis is a good target. We know that he has said this because we have media-confirmed reports of ongoing negotiations between Newcastle and Lyon. And money is not an object right? Because this is a new era. The era of Bedo Fif. Justifiably, then, supporters will be justified in being disappointed at the latest transfer "news" surrounding the club:

NEWCASTLE United have withdrawn from negotiations to sign striker Bafetimbi Gomis after Lyon rejected their latest offer.

However, the bid remains on the table with a game of brinkmanship unfolding, with the start of the new season fast approaching.

The Magpies are understood to have offered in the region of £7m for a player who has a year remaining on his contract, but Lyon are attempting to extract significantly more.

--Shields Gazette

Never mind the fact that money is indeed going to be an object. We've still got the Loïc Rémy deal to fall back on, right?

The Daily Mail claims Newcastle have enquired about loaning QPR striker Loic Remy, but the London club would prefer a sale.

--Sky Sports Tyne and Wear

We're to have optimism regarding bringing in a player who we would rather loan (likely due to pending legal problems) that his current club would prefer not to loan (due to the exorbitant contract they signed him to 6 months ago) when we aren't going to pony up the £ for a player we know we can have available? Right.

It is still possible that we will "get a player or two over the line" before the season starts... but we've certainly seen this type of situation before. Oh, well... there's always January.

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