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Arsenal bid for Yohan Cabaye, according to report

Arsenal have bid for Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye according to a report by Sky Sports.

Stu Forster

For much of the summer transfer there have been rumors of teams interested in purchasing Newcastle United midfielder Yohan Cabaye, much of which has come from Laurent Blanc of PSG, but no bid has been launched. Arsenal have now officially launched a bid for the frenchman however, according to a report by Sky Sports.

The frenchman has been a key cog in the Toon's midfield since he was brought over for just £4 million pounds in the 2011 window, but since his play in the Premier League has become a hot commodity for plenty of teams in both France and England.

It appears plenty of clubs have tried to unsettle Cabaye at Newcastle, making public comments about their interest in him, but Arsenal marks the first actual bid if the report is true.

Most reports in the past have referenced teams bidding in the £15 million range for Cabaye, which if true should be quickly rejected by the Toon. Anything less than £25 million, of which the team reinvests, would be a big loss on the pitch. Multiple reports on Twitter suggest the bid is in the £12 million range, which should be promptly rejected.

Cabaye has been now linked to Arsenal, Manchester United, and PSG.

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