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Toon Crier: Help Wanted Edition

The transfer window closes soon....can the Magpies finally hit a target?

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Wanted: offensive depth for this lot
Wanted: offensive depth for this lot
Alex Livesey

The combination of the transfer window closing and the 4-0 disaster to open the season means a lot of Newcastle news will be centered around who the club could bring in and so on and so forth. Let's get to the links.

Alan Pardew says that Newcastle are still looking to replace Demba Ba. Ba left last January and we are still trying to replace him. Now, I don't presume to know too much about the wheelings and dealings of the transfer window, but it would seem to me that Chelsea and their loads of talent aren't going to have much of a need for, oh, Demba Ba, and perhaps Joe Kinnear could call Chelsea and inquire about him.

The Telegraph points out that if you want to blame Pardew for Monday's disaster, you have to look at Kinnear too. I'd imagine there's pleanty of Tynesiders who'd like to sack the both of them, but that's besides the point.

Lee Ryder says the same thing, saying it's put up or shut up time for the "regime".

With the club increasingly turing to Hatem Ben Arfa to carry them, the Frenchman says he's up for the challenge. He believes Newcastle can accomplish things this year, the bad start aside.

And in lighter fare, the BBC profiles an artist who has painted every Newcastle player.