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Coming Home Podcastle Episode 13

Episode 13 of the podcast has arrived, and it's more than just audible sobbing!

Where are you going, Yohan?
Where are you going, Yohan?
Chris Brunskill

Sometimes, you have to talk about the things that hurt you.  So we've podcasted in the wake of the Manchester City Capitulation v. 7.0.4.  We discuss a bright spot or two, speculate regarding Steven Taylor's brain, Jonas Gutierrez' buttocks and exactly what you can tell from our opening match non-performance.

In addition, we look ahead toward the West Ham match, make predictions and speculate about Big Sam's tie.  It seems like there's a little bit more that we talked about... thinking... thinking... oh yes, we speak about the Yohan Cabaye situation and speculate what it means for Newcastle United's prospects for the little amount of the transfer window left.  Also, we've got a small listener mailbag thanks to Alfie Crow, Callum Kane and Jameson Draper.  It's not just a podcast of the both of us sobbing, so I feel that's some small victory.  We even pull it together enough to drop a couple of obscure pop culture references in there as well.

Episode 13 is here for your ears.  CONSUME!