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PODCAST: Coming Home Podcastle Episode 14 Is Here: West Ham, Joe Kinnear, Morecambe and Fulham

Breaking down the West Ham match, talking about Joe Kinnear, Morecambe and Fulham this week in Coming Home Podcastle

The Globe Arena
The Globe Arena
Chris Brunskill

Newcastle are in for a busy week with Wednesday's match in the League Cup at Morecambe followed by a home match v. Fulham. First we discuss an upcoming milestone for Coming Home Newcastle as an SBN blog, introduce in very vague and uncertain terms an exciting project coming down the pike in conjunction with the blog and talk through the listener mailbag.

The West Ham match sees some treatment as we discuss the 0-0 draw as well as some of the points made in my Post-mortem post after which I'm still left confused. Bedo Fif and his big mouth set one of us off on a breathless rant and leads us into a discussion about doom and gloom merchants. We leave the idea of Mike Ashley, Bedo and Al in a topless resort relatively alone.

We look at Morecambe in some large-scale detail regarding formation and where the danger might come from and head off into a brief look ahead at the Fulham match on Saturday. All in all, there was a lot to talk about and we, well, did a lot of talking. You may need two sittings to get through this one.