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ANNOUNCEMENT: CHN Will Be Hosting the First US-based NUFC phone-in show

We are quite excited to be bringing you what we believe to be the first US-based Newcastle United-centric live phone in show!

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Recently, we at We are quite excited to be bringing you what we believe to be the first US-based Newcastle United-centric live phone in show!Coming Home Newcastle were presented with a tremendous opportunity - one that we have seized with both hands with tremendous excitement. Through a partnership with Blog Talk Radio (who some of you may be vaguely familiar with if you go all the way back to Coming Home Podcastle Episode 2), we will be launching Coming Home Newcastle LIVE, a completely interactive experience. Following each Newcastle match, we will go live at with a live call-in/chat experience. This is not exclusive to US side of the ocean by any means - we will have a direct dial in number for anyone who wants to phone in and talk about the match that has just happened. If you don't feel the need to phone in, there will be a live chat interface through which you can make statements or ask questions about the match that has just concluded.

Initially, we will likely start with a slightly shorter format (1 hour, most likely), but if and as the program grows, we will be free to expand to a longer program... all completely LIVE. What do you gain from this?

  • Access to a fully interactive, exclusively NUFC focused LIVE audio show at ZERO cost to you
  • A verbal version of the Coming Home Newcastle "Instant Reaction"
  • A shorter weekly podcast as we will have already talked out most of everything that has happened during the match/es of the week
  • EMPOWERMENT. This show is about YOU, not US. We've got our podcast. You now have this. In our perfect world, this show is driven by you guys and we just have to make sure the discussion stays civil and on track.

Even though it is our job to keep the discussion "civil and on track" as I mentioned, it is neither our intention nor our desire to control the narrative of the show in any form. Want Pardew out? Tell us so. Think Pardew is our way forward? Let us know. Do you have ultimate faith in Bedo FIf? This is your place to publicly say so. Are you repulsed by the idea of Bedo topless on Ashley's yacht near St. Tropez? That might just be right near the allowable line so far as the conversation goes. You get the point, though.

We will be starting this show on the 14th of September following the Aston Villa match. We'll make sure before and during the match to publicize the call-in number and chat address in order to give you every opportunity to get involved in Coming Home Newcastle LIVE. We hope you're as excited about this opportunity for 100% Newcastle United, 100% interactive dialog following each Newcastle match.