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ATTN: Coming Home Newcastle LIVE - Phone-In Show Debuts TOMORROW

You may have heard about it a little over the international break - now it's here!


Date:  September 14, 2013

Time: 1700 (BST), 1200 (EDT), 1100 (CDT), 1000 (MDT), 0900 (PDT), etc.

What:  The WORLD PREMIER of Coming Home Newcastle LIVE

Why:  You have opinions to register regarding the Aston Villa match and you want to share them!

You are cordially invited (requested, if I may be so bold) to participate in the inaugural episode of what I believe to the only US-based Newcastle United-specific call in talk show.  We will go live on the air after every match to talk about the match just concluded and to take your calls, discuss your feelings, try to talk you off of a ledge or to be your consistent voice of let's not get carried away, whichever may be called for at the time*.

*We reserve the right to react in our own right if, say, something like Manchester City happens again.

Here is the skinny:

You will want to bookmark (or navigate tomorrow to) this page.  That page is the main show page from which you will be able to interact with the show.


You will be able to interact with us through one of FOUR (yes, 4!) ways.

  1. When you go to the show page, you will see the number above the show card image through which you can call directly using your cell or land-line telephone - that number will be (as you can see), (374) 838-8280.  We will be able to bring you on to the show from there.
  2. When the show goes live, there will be a Skype icon as well - if you are at your computer (or you have a tremendous data plan), you can connect with us through Skype instead of dialing in through the number above.
  3. When the show goes live, there will be a chat interface on that show page that you see in the screen through which you can interact directly with us "in the studio".
  4. You can reach us through the Twitterz at @ComingHomeNUFC, @CHNOSotP or @alanhoffmann or through the tag #CHNLive (or any combination thereof.
We want this to be an outlet for you guys to express yourselves open and honestly about the Toon.  We are on internet radio, so we're perhaps on a slightly longer leash so far as language and such matters might go - however (!) we should perhaps establish some ground rules.
  • We are not in this to control any narrative.  We may not agree with you, but believe in your right to express your idea.  On the flip side, you may not agree with us or with another caller.  You must respect their/our right to express our ideas.
  • As I said above, we may be on a somewhat longer leash with regard to language than your normal OTA broadcasts - we don't want to be overbearing, but we do have to be mindful that there may be a wide variety of people listening in.  Let's keep the swearing to a minimum.  If you get in the heat of a moment and drop an f-bomb, we won't have a dump button or a beep to censor it.  You are an articulate, reasonable person.  Please convey yourself that way on the air.
  • Similarly, name-calling, belligerence, and slanderous speech will be short-leashed and could result in the immediate termination of your call.
  • By and large, the overriding principle of interacting with the show shall be based In the words of Wyld Stallyns: "Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!"
We will go live at exactly the time listed at the top of this (1200 EST) - if the match is done before that, you'll have time to breathe and collect your thoughts for a moment ... we can't go on the air early.  Vice versa, if the match is still going on, we'll have to tread water until we know exactly what it is we are reacting to.  We're excited to get this off the ground and look forward to talking to you after the match! Chnlive_medium