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Aston Villa 1, Newcastle United 2 Community Player Ratings Poll

Mark Thompson

The player ratings poll I posted earlier apparently wasn't working, so hopefully our sample won't be affected too much. As always, we want to provide an outlet for fans to give their player ratings for each Newcastle match. In doing so, we'll have a picture of what the community thinks about each individual, including who our Man of the Match was. Today was a solid team game all the way around, but there were still some standouts, both positive and negative. Who stood out in the minds of the Toon Army today?

The deadline for this week's submission will be Sunday at 2359 BST, and we'll do our best to have a report on Monday. (I am aware that I owe you guys reports from the last couple of matches, as well as a comprehensive one for the month of August. Those should be coming soon. I apologize for the delay.)