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PODCAST: Coming Home Podcastle Episode 16

We're back to our best in this 16th effort of the podcast. Plenty of Toon talk, pop-culture references a nice off-topic derailment, previews, reviews all inside.

Our hope with the introduction of Coming Home Newcastle LIVE was that we would be able to cut the length of the podcast down to around 60 minutes - well... we at least took a step towards that. Although mighty Episode 16 tips the scales at a heavyweight 1 hour and 19 minutes, I assure you it's all fighting fit. This episode is exactly what you would have been hoping for on the heels of my tremendously poor showing in episode 15 - on the heels of that one, it's no wonder I didn't get called up during the international break.

Today, you will hear our takes on such diverse topics as:

  • Mike Ashley, financial transparency and "money available in January"
  • The Aston Villa match
  • The upcoming Hull City Tigers (is that the preferred nomenclature?) match
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • Who is pronouncing Qatar wrong
  • What airline flew the jet that I saw escorted to the landing strip while I lived in Seattle
It's here, digestible and ready for your ears - Episode 16 of Coming Home Podcastle!