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Alternate Transfer Window Entertainment #1: Alan Shearer Karaoke

We can rest reasonably assured that Bedo will not "get one over the line" by the time the transfer window SLAMS SHUT, so we must find our own entertainment.

Optimism is not running rampant amongst the Newcastle United faithful with regard to any player coming into the side on Transfer Deadline Day. The most recent "in the news a lot" hot rumor provider Florian Thauvin is now reportedly the subject of a €15m bid from Marseille with the same report stating that Newcastle would have to come in at €18m to have any hope of winning a bidding battle. Sooo...

There is an entire wide internet out there from which we can derive entertainment while everyone else is waiting with anticipation for the next announcement regarding their club's newest arrival. SO in that spirit, we bring you this video which was reported by Jeremy Armstrong from The Mirror.

That's right - Not only was he the star attraction of The Entertainers, Mr. Alan Shearer is THE Entertainer at Karaoke night. Now I happen to have seen Lionel Richie in concert and well... this version is... not tremendous. BUT - it is what we've got to kick off our Transfer Deadline Day coverage.