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Newcastle Brown Ale: Handcrafted

As Deadline Day ticks on, we continue our quest for entertainment.

I know for a fact (thanks to my strengthened twitter game over the last several months) that I am not alone in blaming thanking Newcastle Brown Ale for the current predicament I find myself in with regards to my Premier League support. When we were first starting to get decent numbers of televised PL matches over here the shirt sponsor was Newcastle Brown Ale - it didn't hurt at all that we're talking The Entertainers and Alan Shearer and all around this time. They were better days. Anyway- Newcastle Brown Ale was my first favorite beer and so it afforded me the instant bond between the club and I, which was good enough. Apparently strong enough, as well... because here I am.

I got myself a sad as I was listening back THAT Bedo interview and comparing some of those quotes to more recent quotes and attempting to reconcile the differing opinions of our fearless and beloved Bedo Fif, so I got to thinking about drinking. And so - here is a funny commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale! No Bollocks.