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Transfer Deadline Pastimes: Same As It Ever Was

Well, I slept, and Bedo didn't get one over the line. So here's a new video!

Well, it's some 7 hours later since I went to sleep, and nothing has happened directly involving Newcastle. We have achieved on an average level with regard to many people's expectations. The Talking Head that is Bedo Fif has gone from blustering "If we have to compete with the best in the Premier League we must be better" to "We decided before the season that he squad was big enough, strong enough for a top 10 finish" and is now acting accordingly, and by acting I mean yachting off St. Tropez.

In light of that, I bring you an anthem to listen to while you view the Newcastle United roster which is the same as it was yesterday and is, with minimal change out (Danny Simpson, notably), the same as it was the day we ended last season. The summer Transfer Window these days is an exercise in perpetual self-deprivation.. but they'll never take my self-deprication!