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Florian Thauvin in Medical

Reported Newcastle United target is having a medical.

Jamie McDonald

Reports from France are that reported Newcastle United target Florian Thauvin is having a medical with Marseille.  A move by Newcastle for the 20-year old French phenom was going to be against the odds even with a deal hinging upon Yohan Cabaye transferring out as the youngster had previously stated his desire to stay in France.  With absolutely nothing on with regard to solid transfer news with the club, however, the missing out on a player that was likely never going to come in the first place passes as news.

Although the "news" hasn't seemed to make it across the channel yet, so I guess purely technically there's still a chance, but any chance is smaller than whatever it was - which was infinitesimal in the first place.  If the reports about Cabaye being in on an Ashley conference call where Arsenal said "£25m is a lot for a reserve", it may not matter.  A motivated Cabaye would be like a new signing, right? 8 hours, 43 minutes left to go.  Let us hope that Bedo isn't exerting himself too much.