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Could Cabaye Be Back In Play?

Very late transfer developments may set up for a last minute bid for Yohan Cabaye

Ryan Pierse

According to Sky Sports News, the negotiations between Athletic Bilbao and Manchester United for central midfielder Ander Herrera have broken down - apparently scuppered by imposters negotiating without actually being representatives of Manchester United.  When this was still a done deal, David Moyes' side seemed truly set at the position, but this certainly opens things up a bit.

While a deal for Everton's fabulously haired Marouane Fellaini may or may not be close to completion, the fact remains that where they had two central midfielders all but locked up they may only have one (if Fellaini is brought "over the line").  Could this mean that are from the future and knew something we didn't when they published their "exclusive" that Manchester United would be making a late bid for Yohan Cabaye?  For those conspiracy theorists out there, could Mike Ashley have sent Bedo out to "netotiate" on behalf of Manchester United in order to sabotage the move and reignite interest in our want-away Frenchman?

It's hard to say, but two things are for sure:  1)  This is rather embarrassing for Manchester United and 2)  This could very well bring a last minute bid for Cabaye if Man U are set on bringing in two CMs