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Coming Home Newcastle LIVE Episode 2

The gents from Coming Home Newcastle are back for their second LIVE Newcastle United post match call in show!

On the heels of a nice debut show following the victory at Aston Villa, we're getting back at it. Following Hull City's visit to St. James' Park we will be live for your calls, tweets or chat questions or comments at Coming Home Newcastle LIVE! We learned a couple of things from Episode 1 and since we're the type who learn lessons, we'll have a slightly streamlined experience for you on Saturday. Here's the important info:

  • As always, we will go live exactly 2 hours after the match's scheduled kick-off. For the Hull match, that means we're live at 1200 EDT in America, 1700 BST in England or 0100 Sunday morning in South Korea.
  • We scheduled an hour and a half for last week's show with the idea that if the match ran past that two hour mark, we'd have built in time to still have a full hour for the show. It's going to take something spectacular for this to be necessary, so this week's show is scheduled for exactly one hour starting at 1200 EDT
  • The phone number to call in from your land line or cell phone is

    (347) 838-8280. You do not need anything additional in order to interact with the show in this manner.

  • If you would prefer to Skype in to the show, you will need a free account with Blog Talk Radio which you can set up at this link. Once you have that done, you will be able to go to the show site linked above (see the link text Coming Home Newcastle LIVE above) and after the show is live use the Skype icon to get in with you questions and comments
  • If you don't want to speak directly with us and would just prefer to have your question addressed by us on the air and have a twitter account, hit us up by either "mentioning" us on @ComingHomeNUFC, @CHNOSotP or by using the hashtag #CHNLive.
  • If none of these avenues works for you, there will also be a live chat room available off of the show page.

I am working on getting the show linked to iTunes where you will be able to download and listen to the show after it has ended live broadcast - hopefully I'll have that set up before tomorrow. Additionally, you can look here on the site and I'll have a post up where you can listen after the fact in a non iTunes kind of way.

We were very encouraged by the debut episode and a lot of that is thanks to you - please tell your friends and/or acquaintances. The show will only be as big as you help to make it!