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Coming Home Newcastle (un)LIVE - REPLAY

In case you missed it, we broadcast the second episode of Coming Home Newcastle LIVE following today's match v. Hull City.

If you didn't manage to tune in while we were live on the air earlier, you will find a replay of the show below. The show itself has been submitted to iTunes and should be available for subscription - I'll make sure to let everybody know when that is all sorted. In episode one and this last week's podcast we sort of openly wondered what would happen when we had a match that wasn't fun and good like the Aston Villa match; we got that answer a little sooner than we expected. . . the (small sample size) answer is: it kind of makes everybody silent. After an initial show featuring three calls in, we had a mighty zero this week. We did have some folks interact with the show, however - thanks to @adultcereal and @joedodger17 for joining us in our broadcast misery. We'll see the full listener numbers tomorrow - so it may have gone better than last week without our yet knowing it- but if you wouldn't mind to answer one question if you listened to the show (or if you didn't...):

Would you be more inclined to listen if there was more time in between the end of the match and the show going live?

Please answer this important question in the comments below or - if you don't want to set up a *free* SBN account for some reason, hit me up on Twitter with your answer @CHNOSotP . Thanks for your feedback and as always, thanks for listening!