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PODCAST: Coming Home Podcastle Episode 17

We've sat down and recorded this week's podcast - though through a slightly different process than usual. 1 solid hour this week and Operation: Oasis!

I wish I was on the Quayside looking at the auld Tyne Bridge
I wish I was on the Quayside looking at the auld Tyne Bridge

Episode 17 of Coming Home Podcastle is here for your ears, and it may just be one of our best efforts yet. 60 solid minutes of Newcastle United talk with myself, Robert and Alan and 60 minutes of what Robert termed Operation: Oasis. Small explanation: While discussing Oasis' tune Wonderwall with @adultcereal on the twitters last night I determined to work as many Wonderwall lyrics as possible into this week's podcast. Robert then suggested that we continue with the plan but without any reference that we were doing it while we recorded. And so we did. Sorry we didn't get you your on-air shout out, but that's why.

I feel quite good about this episode. It's strong. Much like the 4-2-3-1 deployed against Leeds, it seemed like we played to our strengths and got solid, quality performances from everyone. There are a couple of consumption notes, however, that may be important to you guys:


  1. Due to life happening, we needed to record this week's episode through Blog Talk Radio. This in itself isn't a big deal. Here's the rub:
  2. If you are only subscribed to Coming Home Podcastle - don't subscribe to CHNLive yet. You will get this episode in duplicate if you do. (If you heard the news yesterday and subscribed to CHNLive right away, I apologize - iTunes submission is automatic and I can't stop it.)
  3. I'm going to download the episode and put it into Soundcloud so that it goes into iTunes under the podcast subscription, so CHP subscribers need not do anything additional to get Episode 17, it just might be a touch slow getting in your ears.
  4. After you download Episode 17 from Coming Home Pocastle's iTunes page, by all means immediately go to Coming Home Newcastle LIVE and subscribe there :)
  5. A stream is included below just in case you would prefer to consume in this manner.