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PODCAST: Coming Home Podcastle Episode 15

The good folks at Coming Home Newcastle have returned, in spite of the events of the last several days. We've got another one "over the line".

Mattie Larson is listening... are you?
Mattie Larson is listening... are you?
Chris McGrath

Episode 15 of Coming Home Podcastle is here for your ears!  A week that featured two victories is reason to celebrate, right?  Well, that's tempered with the first half performance at Morecambe and Joe Kinnear's Epic Fail during the transfer window.

We talk through the matches and player performances (or lack thereof).  We talk about the relative merits of Mike Ashley, Joe Kinnear and Alan Pardew.  We discuss twitter and our feelings.  I discuss moving again - if George Caulkin will have me as a roommate.  Through all that, I still managed to fail to acknowledge the death of #AssmannForNUFC.  We make the obligatory pop cultural references and preview next week in which we'll preview the Aston Villa match.  We laugh, we cry (not really - at least not like Georgia football fan), we discuss the relative merits of Yoan Gouffran.  We lament the sadness that is the fact that we can not properly enjoy the Schadenfreude that was Manchester United's Deadline Day activity.

It's here for your ears, and in iTunes soon - Episode 15 of Coming Home Podcastle.