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Coming Home Newcastle LIVE e. 1.3 - Everton (A)

We're back for a third try at this - the only LIVE phone in post-match show expressly about Newcastle United.

We're loading up for Episode 1.3 of Coming Home Newcastle LIVE - this week discussing the match v. Everton. Store the phone number below in your phone and let us know how you felt about the match. Had a stand out performer? Let us know. Think Alan Pardew is still part of the problem? Let us know. Not just us, mind - but a wider, live audience! Let's have some good Toon chat this week!

  • As always, we will go live exactly 2 hours after the match's scheduled kick-off. For the Everton match, that means we're live at 1700 EDT in America, 2200 BST in England.
  • We scheduled an hour for last week's show, and it seemed about right... although with 0 calls in, it's hard to judge. We will be staying at exactly one hour this week, kicking off at 1700 EDT/2200 BST
  • The phone number to call in from your land line or cell phone is

    (347) 838-8280. You do not need anything additional in order to interact with the show in this manner.

  • If you would prefer to Skype in to the show, you will need a free account with Blog Talk Radio which you can set up at this link. Once you have that done, you will be able to go to the show site linked above (see the link text Coming Home Newcastle LIVE above) and after the show is live use the Skype icon to get in with you questions and comments
  • If you don't want to speak directly with us and would just prefer to have your question addressed by us on the air and have a twitter account, hit us up by either "mentioning" us on @ComingHomeNUFC, @CHNOSotP or by using the hashtag #CHNLive.
  • If none of these avenues works for you, there will also be a live chat room available off of the show page.