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Newcastle United Deadline Day Central

Newcastle United enter Deadline Day with tons of questions, and almost none of them are pleasant. Come survive the countdown with us!

Thierry Chesnot

Transfer Window Deadline Day comes twice a year, and every time it does we go into it wondering certain things about our club. This January, almost none of the questions are pleasant. Will Newcastle spend the Yohan Cabaye money? Will they replace Yohan Cabaye? Will Joe Kinnear, in his second window as Director of Football, sign his first player to a permanent deal? Can they get through the day without selling anybody important? Will Mike Ashley fly off in his helicopter at 5 pm, having declared that Newcastle's business is concluded (without actually having done any business)? Such is the life of the Newcastle fan in this day and age. Deadline Day is always a rollercoaster, and we're here to navigate it with you. (Because you totally need a navigator when you're on a rollercoaster. First terrible analogy of the day!)

We encourage you to treat this thread as our central spot for sharing the latest rumblings, or for general griping, complaining, and poking fun at other fanbases as they crowd their local Sky Sports reporter and leer into the camera. If something noteworthy happens, we'll comment on it and link to any other posts right here. Enjoy, and howay the lads!

P.S. I'll be asleep when this post first drops, but somebody should be around most of the time.