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Coming Home Podcastle is back - send us mailbag questions

Newcastle United's most pop-tart heavy podcast is making a return.

Matthew Lewis

Coming Home Podcastle will return this week, which makes us bandwagoners or something.

Of course, with the podcast comes a mailbag, and I encourage you to send us lots of questions so we won't have to spend as much time talking about whatever it is Jim wants to talk about. Any and all topics are welcome, but here are some suggestions:

  • Alan Pardew
  • Just kidding, we don't want to talk about Pardew
  • Gabriel Obertan's goal
  • The return of Papiss Cisse
  • Pop tarts
  • The upcoming #StretchOfDoom
  • Bad customer service experiences
  • "Pop tarts"
  • The Scoreboard and how it explains Sports Direct
  • #TrueDetectiveSeason2
  • MLS playoffs
  • 8underland
  • The World Series
  • January transfer window
  • Okay, fine. We'll talk about Alan Pardew if you want.
We've already had plenty of good questions come in, both on- and off-topic. Submit your own here or on Twitter, and we will make sure to address them near the beginning of the episode. Then, come back here on Wednesday to listen.

If we were fair weather fans, would this be the team we would choose to support? I suppose talking about the club after they barely beat a mediocre-at-best team totally makes us glory hunters.